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Welcome to the OPay developer guide where you’ll learn how to build amazing payment experiences with OPay's APIs. OPay provides generic, low-level, secure, and PCI-compliant RESTful APIs which allow you to accept and make payments. This hub also contains the documentation and tools required to use the APIs in solving your payment use cases.

OPay is a world class payment processing technology service provider. We provide a wide collection of comprehensive solutions and a seamless integration experience to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of merchants’ core businesses, products, and services.

Depending on the specific needs of your core business, collection methods, and average monthly collection volume, you have the flexibility to choose from our collection of payment methods.

With our online payment solutions, you can:

  • Add a variety of products to your account through your merchant dashboard.
  • Generate invoices directly and send to your customers.
  • Integrate your existing online business application with our Express Checkout solutions.
  • Design your own checkout experience and integrate with our payment gateway through our server side APIs.

Methods to Integrate with OPay?

You can integrate with our online payment APIs in several ways. These range from using a pre-built integration to building your own UI for full control over your checkout experience.

Express Checkout

Express Checkout

Try our OPay cashier express checkout plugin to learn how the express checkout is now easier than ever.

Server Integration

Server Integration

Build your own checkout experience and use our set of Sever Side APIs to start accepting payments through OPay.

Choose How to Integrate

At OPay, we understand the diverse needs of our merchants depending on their specific business type. We then offer a variety of readily available integration options. You can learn about the offered integration solutions and know the right solution for your business.

Integration Solution What is offered? When to decide on this?
Express Checkout Choose OPay Cashier for the most seamless and frictionless integration. OPay Cashier delivers the checkout experience you are expecting for your clients. It creates a flexible, optimized, and secure OPay hosted payment page that lets you collect your payments in an easy and straightforward approach. With OPay Cashier, you can:
  • Design your self branded order review and checkout form.
  • Design your own button to redirect clients to OPay Cashier.
  • Get a comprehensive charge response at your selected callback notification URL.
If you have your own Web Application and look for an integration option with minimum friction.

If You're unable to host a payment form, or your business accepts purchases through email or call center orders.
Server APIs Use our set of comprehensive APIs and then build your own UI for each payment method. With our server-side APIs you can:
  • Design your self branded UI/UX elements checkout experience.
  • Design your payment options selection form for your clients.
  • Obtain instant callback notifications whenever the status of any of your transactions has been updated.
  • Pull transaction status whenever needed.
You want to develop your own payments form branded with your identity and take full control over your UI/UX. You want to display your available payment methods to your clients and design your own checkout forms.
E-Commerce Plugins OPay Plugins are readily available for the most popular e-commerce frameworks. You can download our OPay plugins from your e-commerce application dashboard and start accepting payments thoroughly. With our plugins you can:
  • Configure your preferred payment methods.
  • Collect your client's payment information.
  • Send charge requests and handle charge response.
If you have built your Web Application based on one of the most popular e-commerce frameworks, e.g. WordPress, Woo-commerce, Shopify.

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