Server Side APIs Overview

Do you want to take full control of checkout UI/UX elements? Design yours and use our Server to Server APIs to start accepting payment through OPay.


In case you want to develop a fully customized payments form, with full UI/UX control. Or if you want to design your own checkout forms and display your preferred payment methods to your clients. In such a case, you can Use our set of comprehensive APIs and then build your own UI/UX for each payment method. With our server APIs, you can:

  • Take full control of checkout UI/UX elements.
  • Design your client’s payment options selection form.
  • Get notified once the status of any of your transactions has been updated.
  • Get transaction status whenever needed.

OPay Server to Server APIs

OPay server to sever APIs are organized around REST. Our APIs:

  • Have predictable and resource-oriented naming convention for URL endpoints.
  • Accept JSON-encoded in raw request bodies.
  • Return JSON-encoded responses.
  • Use standard HTTP response codes.
  • Use the most secure HTTP standard authentication methods for the security of your transactions.

We provide a sandbox staging environment for our developers to assure the integrity of their application logic in handling payments. This allows full testing of our APIs while, in the same time, keeping your live data unaffected. You can integrate with our online payment APIs in several ways. These range from using a pre-built integration, to building your own UI for full control over your checkout experience.

You can create 3DS payments through the 3DS card payment API.
Learn how to retrieve payment information through OPay query payment status API.

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