OPay WHMCS Plugin

Throughout this page, you will learn how to install, configure, and activate OPay payment plugin over your WHMCS store. After following closely the steps explained in this tutorial, your WHMCS shop will be able to start accepting payments through OPay payment channels.

Store Preparation

OPay payment integration with WHMCS is an easy process. No advanced development skills are needed.

  1. Get Merchant ID, Secret Key, Public Key for sandbox/production environment

    As shown in the figure below:Log in OPay account, switch to sandbox environment (Test Mode):

  2. OPay dashboard
  3. Click on Account Details:
  4. OPay dashboard account details
  5. Merchant ID is shown as below:
  6. OPay Merchant ID
  7. Please click API Keys & Web Hook to access Secret Key and Public Key:
  8. OPay API
  9. To get Merchant ID, Secret Key and Public Key for production environment, please switch to Live Mode and repeat the above three steps:
  10. WHMCS Store settings
  11. Well done, now you are ready to setup your WHMCS store to start accept payments through OPay.


The below steps illustrates how to install OPay WHMCS plugin.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the following files to your WHMCS modules/gateways folder:
  3. Click on Addons->Browse->Payments
  4. WHMCS upload
  5. You can see six new apps displayed on the page
  6. WHMCS complete_installation


  1. Click any app and the following pop-up window will be appeared. Click Active :
  2. WHMCS plugin module_install
  3. Please turn off debugging in production environment:
  4. WHMCS plugin bank_card
  5. Click the "Save" button after filling in complete
  6. field description example
    Display Name Enter your display name OPay Mobile Wallet
    Admin UserName Your admin account OPay-admin
    Merchant ID Your merchant ID you should have received it after creating an account. Set to your test merchant ID for testing, meanwhile, change for live merchant ID to start production mode. 281821060121381
    Public Key Your Sandbox Public key you should have received it after creating an account. Set to your test public key for testing, meanwhile, change for live public key to start production mode. OPAYPUB16225195185940.26281585441314603
    Secret Key Your Sandbox Secret key you should have received it after creating an account. Set to your test secret key for testing, meanwhile, change for live secret key to start production mode. OPAYPRV16225195185940.8419474371071703
    Order Expire Time Payment expiration in minutes. 30
    Allow Debug ? Enable in case you are still in development phase. Disable debug when turning into production mode. Enabled/Disabled
    Convert To For Processing Choose your currency EGP
    Notice: The store country and monetary unit set up in the WHMCS must be consistent with the Merchant ID registered country.

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