OPay BigCommerce Plugin

Throughout this page, you will learn how to install and activate OPay payment plugin over your BigCommerce store. After following closely the steps explained in this tutorial, your BigCommerce shop will be able to start accepting payments through OPay payment channels.

Register OPay account

OPay payment integration with BigCommerce is an easy process. No advanced development skills are needed.

  1. Get Merchant ID, Secret Key, Public Key for sandbox/production environment(taking sandbox environment as example)

    Log in OPay account, switch to sandbox environment as shown in the screenshot below:

  2. BigCommerce dashboard
  3. Click on Account Details:
  4. BigCommerce dashboard
  5. Merchant ID see the screenshot below:
  6. CS-Cart add currency
  7. Please click API Keys & Web Hook on the page to access Secret Key and Public Key:
  8. CS-Cart currency configuration
  9. For Merchant ID, Secret Key and Public Key for production environment, switch to Live Mode and repeat the above three steps to get:
  10. CS-Cart Store settings


  1. Log in the store dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below, click Apps -> Marketplace ->BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS to enter the App Store, Search for OPay, and then click on OPay Payment Gateway,enter the App detail page:
  2. BigCommerce dashboard

    BigCommerce dashboard

  3. Click install enter the installation page:
  4. BigCommerce dashboard

  5. Select the checkboxand click confirm to install the Application:
  6. BigCommerce dashboard

    BigCommerce dashboard

  7. After installation, it will automatically go to configuration page, select production integration/sandbox integration. Here we take sandbox environment as example.
  8. BigCommerce dashboard

  9. Click sandbox integration checkbox, fill in Merchant ID, Public Key and Secret Key of sandbox environment and then click Submit:
  10. BigCommerce dashboard

  11. Click Store Setup ->Payment to enter the payment method configuration page:
  12. BigCommerce dashboard

    BigCommerce dashboard

  13. As shown in the screenshot below
    1. Select currency unit
    2. Checkout payment Settings
    3. Offline Payment Methods
    4. Money Order
    5. Set up

    Enter configuration page

  14. BigCommerce dashboard

  15. Enter OPay payment method:
    1. Display Name:OPay
    2. Available Countries: select Egypt or All Countries
    3. Click Save
  16. BigCommerce dashboard

  17. So far, OPay plugin has been successfully configured in BigCommerce

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