OPay Mobile SDKs

Mobile technology is emerging and becoming vital for almost every business. Get OPay Mobile SDK and deliver your customers what they deserve.

OPay mobile SDKs give your customers the easiest ever mobile checkout experience in their hands. Let your clients accept all payment methods within your mobile application. We offer mobile payment payment SDKs for integration in your mobile application with your native language. We provide both, Android and iOS native payment plugins. They are easy to integrate and come with OPay payments delivered out of the box.

How it works?

  1. Initialize and configure the SDK.
  2. Present payment options and collect you client's payment data accordingly.
  3. Trigger create order API hook.
  4. The SDK will forward your order to OPay payment server to process your client's order.
  5. If your order information is incorrect or any other issues, the SDK response will let you know what happened.
  6. When user completes the payment, you will get the payment processing information for further application logic handling.
  7. Opay server will keep your application backend server aware of the status of your payment.
  8. You can pull the status information of your orders any time through the SDK.
Mobile SDKs workflow

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