Express Checkout Overview

OPay cashier, a revolutionary concept where checkout experience is redefined.


Express Checkout integration is the most seamless and frictionless method for you to join OPay community. OPay introduces OPay Cashier, a comprehensive drop-in payments flow designed to drive the most seamless and hassle free payment integration. Regardless of your core business nature, use OPay Cashier to start accepting payments seamlessly and securely. A complete OPay Cashier payment process splits into four consecutive steps:

  1. Trigger our OPay Cashier create payment API with your client's payment information.
  2. Receive the API response and extract the generated cashier URL.
  3. Redirect your client to the received cashier URL.
  4. Handle the cashier plugin payment response on the return URL specified with your request.


OPay Cashier

OPay Cashier delivers the checkout experience you are expecting for your clients. It creates a flexible, optimized, and secure OPay hosted payment page that lets you collect your payments in an easy and straightforward approach. It was designed to work seamlessly across devices and has the potential of increasing your customer convergence. OPay Cashier builds up your expected first-class payments experience. Learn how to use OPay Cashier to:

Learn how to create payments using our OPay Cashier plugin.
Learn how to retrieve payment information through OPay Cashier payment status API.

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